Face Shield Mango Tech Tattoo Black

Face Shield Mango Tech Tattoo Black


This face shield fabric is 100% polyester micro interlock with a soft, buttery feel and stretches only one way. It is sweat wicking, naturally breathable, and anti-odor. This type of fabric helps prevent small cannabis leaves or fragments from sticking to it, unlike flannel and other similar fabrics. Our face shields are two inches less in diameter than the traditional ones. This helps keep the face shield taut in place as the person has to constantly move around working the canopy. We have also shortened the standard length of the face shields so the remainder fabric doesn’t bunch up in the neck area making you uncomfortable and hot.

INDUSTRY USES: Defoliation, trimming, harvesting, hashing in cold rooms, hemp farming, and faceless pictures or videos.

CONVENTIONAL USES: Fishing, hiking, walking, biking, motorcycling, snowboarding, snowmobiling, outdoor work, and dusty field work.

Thank You for considering our product. We have other styles and designs coming to our lineup, along with new things. We hope you enjoy the gear as much as we do. We would appreciate your feedback.

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