Trichome Field Purple Plucking Sleeves

Trichome Field Purple Plucking Sleeves


It is very hard to make a “one size fits all” sleeve as there are many different arm lengths and girths. We have made the sleeves into two different sizes trying to cover the arms size ranges of workers defoliating. Anyone weighing less than 175lbs should use the medium and if you weigh above 175lbs use the large, tall slim people should probably pick a large. The sleeves fabric is 83% polyester micro interlock and 17% elastane which makes it a very comfortable four-way stretch shape. Fabric shape retentiveness and compression-like material is lightweight, washable, anti-odor, moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and has UV blocking capability. In addition, this style of fabric keeps your skin cool in hot days and warm in cold environments. This type of fabric helps prevent small cannabis leaves or fragments from sticking to it, unlike flannel and other similar fabrics

INDUSTRY USES: Defoliation, trimming, harvesting, hashing in cold rooms, hemp farming, and faceless pictures or videos.

CONVENTIONAL USES: Fishing, hiking, walking, biking, motorcycling, snowboarding, snowmobiling, outdoor work, and dusty fieldwork. 

Thank You for considering our product. We have new styles and designs coming to our lineup. We hope you enjoy the gear as much as we do. We would appreciate your feedback.

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